Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One of the perks

of being a Realtor is I get to go through some pretty cool homes.
I toured a home today that was built in 1905.
If you can believe it or not it has been in the same family
 since it was constructed.

In fact a lot of the furniture in the home is original.
Its now in the hands of the third generation
 and is being offered up for sale.
Sad but true. 


  1. Since 1905 and they are SELLING??? Oh that is so sad! :(

    1. I know Terri beautiful old Mansion. The pic above was the pergola leading from house to garage... It was covered with what I believe to be wisteria. Also on the grounds a carriage house and a smaller home which I call the "weaning" where the daughter lived after she first got married.