Thursday, June 27, 2013

Lake Tahoe

Reno is supposed to have record breaking heat this weekend
going upto 108.

No Thank You!

So we moved on to South Lake Tahoe in California
much nicer. High this weekend 87 and beautiful blue skys.


  1. Making up the route as you go sounds like fun although we have never tried it. Maybe when the kids move out. :)

    1. Hey Matt, Yes making up the route is fun.. This is a trip my husband has wanted to take for years. Just had to wait till the kids moved out! Young people sometimes just dont get the whole "Isn't that the most beautiful view you have ever seen"

  2. 108!!!! UGH! Not to say that we haven't had those temps ... in Southern Alberta its possible and it has happened, but they certainly do NOT happen very often! I would have to agree with you ... no thank you! We were 78 today and we might reach 87 by Tuesday!