Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Morning Sunshine

I like to get up before dawn every morning.
Sit in my big comfy chair, and enjoy a cup of coffee
while the house is still quiet.
When the sun does come up it pours right in on me.
Always worth getting up for.


  1. I love this! Such fantastic flare you captured.

  2. This is a great shot Pam. The flare is so perfectly composed! Upper left, rule of thirds. The longest line of flare spots is pointing directly at the bottom right corner as if you placed them there by hand. I love the contrast between the orange flare and the blue colored light coming from the window at left.
    If you ever take this shot again I have one suggestion. Move the lamp and have a person standing there holding a cup of coffee. Instead of a lamp shade in that soft blue light you would have a persons face.
    The hard part will be finding a model before dawn. :)
    Have a great Easter.

  3. Love the photo and the review by Mat...Great job, Pam...Happy Easter!

  4. I absolutely love this one!